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Hey guys


I'm searching for new ski this year. I'm skiing for 15 years and i'm about 1.83 m tall. My preferred ski resort is in my home country Switzerland (Davos, Nendaz...). I like to ski on the normal runway but i would like to have the chance to get back to the park (i did park and pipe before but i got injured two years ago and so on i'm a little bit scared). As i was looking around i found the skis Amplid Syntax and black crows viators. The Amplid ski has a bigger radius (about 19m) compared to the viators (only 17m). Do you notice a big difference between 19 m radius and 15 m radius. Can you also do small turns with a 19m radius ski? Does anyone know something more about these two skis or does someone have an advice for another ski. I hope you can help me taking a good decision. 


Kind regards