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tele ski poles

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I have been looking all over for a new pair of tele poles that i can used for tele skiing, some mountaineering and on airline travels. they have to be under 30" when collapsed, have a grip that is friendly for bare hands (not too grippy) and be really reliable. maybe i can pop some trekking grips on a pair of poles.
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Mine are about 10 inches too long when they are collapsed (41 inches) but i can reccomend my Atomic Beta Carbon poles for their strength and reliabilty and ease of use. They lock up tight as hell and never slip, the baskets are easily replaceable, (twist-lock) and the grips are a grippy foam that seems to be made for bare hands as well as gloves. The foam makes them easy to hold onto with bare palms plus it insulates so the plams wont have to grip a cold handle and conduct cold from the pole to your hand. They also are easy to grip with gloves as I mostly do. This reply may sound like an advertisement but I love my atomic poles almost as much as my Beta Carv's, I never worry about them not being up to the task, (did I mention light as well?). I even lengthen them to 150 cm and skate past my freinds on the groomers who are skating on the flats using standard length poles, its a riot!

Basically any quality (important word, this "quality" I speak of) pole that is retractable is gonna kick serious ass, I am never using non-collapsible again.

Just my $0.02

edit: Oh yeah! the range of usable lengths range from 115 cm to 150 cm.

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I have a pair of the Leki Lawisonds. They are several years old, and I am not sure if they are still made, but they have several features that are worth lookking for, and several that are worth avoiding. First, I would not get a pole that has a twist to tighten system again- a lock system like on the BD poles is less likely to slip. The Lawisonds convert to an avy probe. I've never had to use it, but I suspect that a regular avy probe is better. They also are ony 2 sections- perhaps stronger, but don't collapse as well if you are travelling. On the positive side, they have comfortable grips even with bare hands, easily adjustable wrist straps, and are strong as hell- no dents or bends despite heavy use.
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Try www.life-link.com or www.blackdiamondequipment.com They both have poles that would work.
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I don't know about how short they go (double adjustment points of course go shorter than single), but the only adjustable pole mechanism I have found that does not break is the Black Diamond flick-lock. The other screw types (Leki, Life-Link, etc...) have all broken for me, and usually when you are deep in the backcountry.
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