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Hi there, I'm not new to skiing, but I am new to taking it seriously/investing in quality gear.  I've been trying to do my homework and read through threads to see if I can figure this out on my own, but still have some questions. I just bought the first pair of boots I have owned since I outgrew my old ones at age 12 (14 years ago), and am having some trouble adjusting them just right.


They're Tecnica Diablo Flame women's boots, size 26.5.  I'm typically a size 9.5, sometimes a 10 US, and decided to err on the side of small with my boot size. I bought them for a good deal online (I know- would have been better to be fitted in person, but for the price I took the risk), they seem to be a decent fit lengthwise, but I'm having two issues:


1.  How to adjust the "adjustable spoiler" on the back of the calf.  This isn't a huge deal, but would be nice.  I have exceptionally large calves (about 17.5"), so I'm just pleased they close easily at all, but I can't figure out how to further adjust this for better comfort if possible.  It's not the velcro version I've seen on some Tecnica models- it's actually screwed on, and doesn't look like there are other screw holes to move it to like in other areas of the boot.  Do I just remove it entirely?


2.  The second buckle from the toe (the one going across the top of my foot) is shockingly tight, even adjusted on the widest setting, with the micro adjustment hinge twisted out as loose as it will go.  This one confuses me.  I've got wide calves, but not wide feet, so I didn't expect an issue here.  Is this the result of having high arches?  Something about the footbed?  Is there any way for even a professional bootfitter to adjust this to be looser, or do I just need a different boot/larger size?


Thanks for any help, and sorry for my potentially dumb questions.