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SLC - 2-7 Jan

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Picked up my gear from the relatives on Wednesday, and there's another long box there. Hmmmm, did I order more skis? (Imagine my surprise). So opened the box, and there's a brand new set of MX88's I had forgot I ordered. Well Happy New Year to me!


So, under the risk of being mundane by putting a trip report in the trip report forum (:rolleyes), I wasn't expecting much at Snowbird today, but with the temperatures warming up, and a LOT of sun, it was actually fairly decent. Yup, you had to look out for rocks sometimes, but Mineral Basin was pretty nice. In fact, there was a constant run up to try to get some freshies:



Was thinking of going to Solitude tomorrow, but 'da Bird was good enough that I may just truck up LCC again and enjoy.

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You "forgot" you ordered a pair of MX88's????  :confused

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Yeah. Nice surprise though.:o

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Due to a conference call that went waaaay past how long It was supposed to take, Friday ended up being a hot tub day. Oh well. Yesterday met up with JoeUT at Snowbasin. About 4-5 inches had fallen, and there were some freshies to be had, but the Snowbasin version of Whistler visibility took over, and it was ski-by-feel, so most all of the enjoyment was gone. Left early to catch the games on the tube.


Not much in the way of pictures, but here's one of JoeUT down low close back to the Strawberry gondola:



Just an fyi, they've turned the tunnel at Snowbird  into an art and history museum - interesting stuff:


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Wow, was Snowbird dreadful today. Reminded me of the least coast. Scratchy, windblown and plenty of rocks to look out for.


A few days ago, Mineral Basin was a pleasant surprise, being pretty edgeable, and generally fairly good considering the amount of snow that has fallen. Today - yuck. 


Supposed to be some snow in the forecast over the next few days which will be a welcome improvement.

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Did you bring the MX88 there, I am going there next week and that is what I packed

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Yeah, had them out originally, but got tired of all the raspy sounds underneath, so swapped for my Atomic Access half way through. Snowbird and MX88 shouldn't be in the same sentence (I have some MX108's here too), but you need a ginsu knife here now to maneuver around the rocks and drek.


Pray for (a LOT) of snow. It's pretty dismal right now.

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Yeah - when they delivered my Bugatti Veyron I was so surprised!  Totally slipped my mind!  :D

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It's about time they spruced up the BassHole (Snowbird's tunnel). The very first trip through is a novelty, then it's one long slow boring ride ever after.
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