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1st day on the snow

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For my son, not me. He turns 3 in February, and is still getting the coordination to wedge. He loves it though, been talking nonstop about his skis! 


Any suggestions?  The first time, I just skied backward while holding him up.  AppleMark


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He's 3... so he will be ready for the...2030 or 2034 Winter Olympic Games!!! Yeah!!! Gess who's gonna be the sponsor...

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with 3 years old I ski down backwards holding their skis in a wedge and manipulating the skis in ways I am hoping they can feel and eventually will do, most are hard to get to communicate in the little time I ski with them so finding analogies I can use is tough when they are not communicitive... holding his skis get him to do what you want him do while letting him actually figure how to balance while sliding.  basically not holding him up by his body is the first step to getting him to balance with out you...


with your son though he probably talks to you, and I am sure you can find something to relay to him what you want him to do.. the pedaling motion(long leg short leg) of skiing, and balance transfer is what they have as well as full body rotation at this age separation at the hip joint is nearly impossible.

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Just make sure to keep it fun at that age.  Let him play in the snow and let him quit when he wants to.  I had two on the snow at ages 3 and 4 taking turns on the carpet run.  Both got the same exposure, same lessons, snow days.  One still loves skiing, the other not at all.  So, go figure. 


One suggestion, pants with proper gators for the boots... That is all!

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Awesome, Scott.  I have seven grandchildren, and they all ski, so I've been down the same road before. I brought the youngest one skiing for the first time last year, but he was a little older, I think he had just turned six. He got off to a rough start, but by the end of the day, he was telling me what to do. And he can't wait to go again. Some of the other kids started earlier than that, I still have video of them, and it's surprising how fast they pick it up. After they are comfortable standing up and sliding around a bit, I usually just let them hold on to the end of my poles as kind of a security blanket. My best advice would be to just sit back and enjoy the moment. I wouldn't try and force too much on them, I'm not sure how much they retain at that age anyway. Keep them safe, let them enjoy their new surroundings, and they'll pretty much let you know when they're ready to move on. But I'll tell you, there's nothing any better than skiing with your kids, regardless of what age they are. Those are always the trips I look forward to the most, and always the ones I remember the best. Take advantage of it, because it seems like they grow up overnight.

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Have you looked around in Family Skiing?  This is the general thread with basic tips about saving money and time when taking kids skiing.


Might find ideas here:


Have fun!  My daughter started at 4 with the help of ski school.  I remember her first day on skis very well.

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With my daughter we just did many, many, many laps on the magic carpet. Didn't worry about wedging for a while. I would just move off to the side and let her figure out how to come to me. The easiest way for her to do it was to let the ski turn her. As she started to get it I'd move more and more to the side then I'd start having her chase me around. It might not be what I'd do if I had only a 2 hr block of time and needed results, but if you have the rest of her life and don't care how long it takes, you can get pretty good results. This is my oldest daughter during her first year of skiing - 

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One day you'll be videoing him while he reviews skis. 


Way to go lil dawg!

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Just ski around with him, play on the flats, easy traverses, let him slide to you etc. Others have all given great advice. When I started my kids at 3ish did all of the same things. Did use a leash for a few runs each day on easy greens and would drop it as we got close to the flats and let them run a bit. Make sure he can do a lot of things for him self if possible, walk, step, climb,get up, maybe put ski on and off , that might need some assistance. Keep it light and easy there were times my kids lasted 10 minutes, other times we could go for an hour. Never could tell what type of ski day it would be until we got out on skis.

One of my best memories with them was when they were 5 and 7 we were at Sugarloaf on a trip in Dec. and hit opening chair and the liftie recognized us for closing chair, we skied down in the dark together. You will get those times and it will be well worth the time you are putting in now. Just be prepared in about 10-12 years when he blows your doors off ha ha. I've been angling for a heli ski trip from my kids and keep hoping they will remember all the sacrifices made on their behalf. Well maybe I'll get a day ticket somewhere out of them. Anybody else have this hope, dream, fantasy?

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Pwuppycatching love.

Nothing finer.


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Great pictures Scott! Started both of mine at age 4 and they liked it, but my son more than my daughter.

Now I'm teaching skiing at our local resort and am getting lots of lessons with first time skiing kids. Many of the younger ones can't really wedge because of a lack of leg strength. We just concentrate on teaching them to turn by turning their feet. I say "turn your toes where you want to go" at least 100 times a day!

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Cool, thanks for the replies everyone.  Along the lines of what I was thinking as well! 

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Nice! Wish I started at that age.

Where's the lil dawg's gloves? Brrrrr. :)

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I want to post a similar picture of my son and I taken about 10 years ago, he was 3 also. I'll see if can dig it up. Pretty memorable stuff. My son was very comfortable standing on skis from day one. I didn't bother with my equipment, and just walked him up the bunny hill and than ran down backwards while egging him on to try and catch me. He loved it. Sounds like you did that with your equipment on. Did that a few days and then graduated to me on skis with him. To get him off the bunny hill, I bought a child ski harness and it worked very well. We could then go to the top of any mountain, ski groomers, and I controlled the speed. My son had the best time, he was an explorer and would pick where to go ( I told him he could pick green or blue trails, not double blacks) and I was the brake. His favorite thing was going to a restaurant on the top of a mountain and eating.  My only advice to pass along is my son got very dependent on the harness and didn't want to stop using it. After a couple of seasons, I had to coax him to ski on his own and not depend on me. That is very child specific, though, as some kids want their freedom and others not as much.  

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