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Please help me decide which skis to get!!!

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I am 16 and I am looking to get my own pair of skis. I live in Cleveland Ohio so obviously the "resorts" are a joke. I have been skiing since I was 8 and in the past 5 years I have been skiing about once a week. Rental skis have always been my route because transporting the skis just seemed like such trouble to me. Well now I am ready to take my skiing to the next level. I recently went to seven springs in PA and got performance ski rentals and they were rossignol skis with "autoturn rocker technology". Well these skis felt great to me but what do I know? This is where I need your help. Which skis should I get? I like to carve and I have recently began grinding boxes and want to expand my talent with terrain parks. I definitely want twin tip. Now here is the real issue. Price. I really want to keep the skis with bindings under $250. This may sound crazy but I have found skis in this range but I just want to know what will be the best for me. If anyone has an idea on good boots for under $150 that would be great too. Oh yeah, my ski length is 170 cm. Thanks for the help


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Boots first.

Everything else, second.

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I can't second what dakine said enough. It doesn't matter what skis you have if your boots are uncomfortable.
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do you have a suggestion?

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Boots are really personal preference. What I love you may hate. That said me and a few of my fellow patrollers love the tecnica Cochise.
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Originally Posted by gregpajk View Post

do you have a suggestion?


The boot fitter will recommend a few boots for you to try. Its a whole process that can take 2 hours or more. FIND A GREAT BOOT FITTER. Best money you'll ever spend.
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But really, how does a newbie find a great boot fitter? Most don't even know how to determine if someone else is even a good skier.
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Man, if he goes to a bootfitter and says I only have $150 or even  $250 to spend, he's not going to come out with a good experience.  The bootfitter won't be able to help him.  The hard truth of it is he can't just buy $150 or $250 worth of boot.  


Depending on the bootfitter's customer skills and how he is able to deliver that message, the customer may even feel insulted that they can't be helped and leave a bad taste in their mouth.


Even if he goes to a boot-picker (who just picks boots to try from the back) and last years stuff, the budget will need to be around $400.   I think the OP is better off either renting for awhile, or finding a way to scrape together more budget for the boots.

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There's always a SLIGHT chance that a used boot might be right for his foot.  Trouble is, he needs someone who understands how to fit a boot to go with him.  And how does he find that person?  90% of skiers don't know how to fit a boot.  


Is there anyone in Cleveland that can help point this guy to a good boot fitter?

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Honestly I didn't really read the first post, I was in a hurry.


OP your in a tough place. age wise and $$$ wise. Look on craigs list for used stuff.


Go to a shoe store and measure your foot width. Read Ski Magazines boot guides from the past few years, find a decent boot that will fit your foot.


Good Luck.

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Do NOT use your street shoe size to determine your ski boot size. Number one mistake.
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Not Cleveland, but Ohio for boot fitter recommendations.  Found by a directed Google Search on "bootfitter: epic ski"






A separate thread with a location and "bootfitter" in the title often gets useful replies.


Could call around and ask if a shop has anything for under $300 that might work.  My first 4-buckle boots were "new old stock" during early season sales for about $260 from a ski shop in the NC mountains.  Way better than rentals for the 2-3 years when I was only skiing in the southeast at an intermediate level.  I was replacing 10-year-old rear-entry boots bought from a central NC ski shop but that purchase was not based on working with a boot fitter.  Didn't know that back then though.

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