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tele clinic

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Can there be a tele clinic at the bears gathering? Inquiring wives want to know.
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I'd be intersted too. One of our top ski-pros, Pierre eh!, is an accomplished tele skier and highly regarded instructor -- if there is enough interest, maybe he'll do one.
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check this out:

I didn't get a very enthusiastic response from Pierre eh? on my 1st post in this thread (and got no response from AC or PinHed). And my 2nd post got no response from Pierre at all! Geez, I think we need to do an intervention, he has wandered too far to the dark side!

I would love a clinic but even just a day at the Bird free skiing with AC/Pinhed/Pierre would be a great "clinic" for me.
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Hola Tele-Bears, I'd be interested in a telemark clinic too.
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Originally posted by AC:
Mary, I didn't reply only becasue I didn't see it!
Heck, it was only the 2847th thread on the Utah gathering, I can't believe you weren't keeping track and taking notes.

I'm stoked to hear some enthusiasm brewing towards a fat February freeheel flappage fest. :
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O.K. Mrs. Rubob is in !
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If we are going to try to get a tele class at the clinic, our only shot really is to get one class for all of us. Therefore, relative skill level matters for the sake of the type of terrain we can cover. Based on what I've heard about Pinhed (from SCSA) and what I've read from mary, I'm thinking this would be an advanced tele class? I figure one instructor could work with a class of skill level's ranging from advanced-intermediate up to advanced, so let us know if you do not fall within this range so it can be factored in to the planning by any instructor considering taking us on.
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Mary, I didn't reply only becasue I didn't see it! I'll definitely be there with my usual free-heel self and would be psyched to have some floppy heeled friends with me.

And Pinhed, good to see you back in the neighborhood!

As for Pierre, I'll get to the bottom of this!

[ September 05, 2002, 12:04 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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As designated spokesman for my wife, Ruth, she rates herself advanced intermediate..I know she's comfortable sking any groomers fast, like she does with me,and has skied moderate steeps, crud and pow with clinics and her tele-pals.The ski mags would say "starting to venture off-piste"- she's done well in powder classes at Alta. She's got a pair of Dynistar 4x4 atvs mounted with tele gear that get her around through most conditions. I've skied with Mary however, and Mary's a whole different level.
Ruth's a sport though; I took her to Devil's Castle at Alta with two feet of glop, absolute cement, on our first date and there was, amazingly, a second date. It'd be fun to get her involved.
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I am having great difficulty with my internet connection. Technicians should be here on Saturday. Its down about 80% of the time.

I am interested in doing a tele clinic. That will give me an excuse to get into shape. I plan on being at the bears clinic anyway. I am not at all choosy about what I will teach. Whatever is needed. Thats called guest centered.
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Pierre, eh! Will you also be staying for the general free skiing gathering of the Bears following the clinic?
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Count me in too. Could be interesting. Anyone have any dates / days in mind?
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Welcome BV!

An instructional "clinic" would be in conjuntion with the larger EpicSki Academy (click here), in Utah (Solitude) July 27-30

Or we can just have a tele group freeskiing at the EpicSki Gathering (click here) that follows immediatly after the clinic on the weekend of Jan. 31 - Feb. 3 at Snowbird/Alta.
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This and all other EpicSki clinic threads will be continued in the EpicSki Academy Planning Room (click here).
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