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2003 Vertigos?

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Anybody know of any changes to the volkl freeride skis for next year?
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Graphic changes and a tip sheath, same dimensions and construction. Bright yellow for the G3, the black and white for the G4.

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Thanks John, I will look for a late deal on this year's G4.
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The G3 for next year has the same footprint but updated guts. Volkl has changed the glass layup and the new ski has the performance level of the old G31. The snap and rebound is back. The new ski is no longer the same as the Vertigo Motion. I skied it on midwest hardpan and am glad to have the true all mountain feel of the old skis back.Our test team at Copper all agreed that the new ski is much better than the current offering.

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Rick, this is great news. The G31 is currently my primary ski, I just wished it had a bit more sidecut for the groomed. After demo of G3 and 11.20 last spring, I opted for the G31. Does this have a full wood core?
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No, same core as last year.
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