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We do it all the time.  Might be caused by weather, conditions, our body, gear, fit, whatever.  When I first watched the video below, before I knew the outcome, my thought was, I hope he can compensate for that. 

It also made me think, the better the expert, the better at compensating.  And yes sometimes when compensating, you have to be lucky too.


For the weak of heart, I will tell you this is a bit of a roller coaster ride and when my wife watched it, she became very anxious. 


Sorry.  I don't know how to imbed a fb video.  It isn't skiing but it is what it made me think of.  OK.  Everything makes me think of skiing.



I bring this up because of some of the postings I've seen lately.  We have a way of making things work.  I've spent the last few years "getting rid of excuses".  When it comes to my skiing, aside from a few things with my body, it's pretty much on me.  I can't blame my boots or skis or even the tune.  My reasoning was the fewer things to compensate for, the more I could focus on pure technique.


Just something to ponder.



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The side of the plane said it all. That was so amazing. I wish they kept the camera on longer as he was getting out of the cockpit.

As far as compensating yeah I've found old/bad body parts just don't function as well anymore. Ankle flexion is definitely way down. Feel like a sprain every time  I get any serious flexion especially in bumps. Also noticed hip range of movement not as far as it used to be. So compensate is part of the game with me for skiing. All those little injuries through out life are additive. Smoother technique= longer ski day.

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Looks like a video game/CGI or is it just me?

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In a forum filled with ski instructors, the title of this thread offers so many possibilities. wink.gif
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It's fake.  Promotion for a clothing company.

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Well they got me, just goes to show one can't believe anything on the internet.

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Fake or not doesn't matter.  It made me think about how and when we compensate.  Sometimes we need to and sometimes we want to.  Some times we don't have a choice.

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I guess you really can't fly on one wing.:D

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

I guess you really can't fly on one wing.:D


You probably can if it's a DC-3 or maybe a B-17.


edit: or an F-15

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There is a story in "No Visible Horizon: Surviving the Worlds Most Dangerous Sport" by Joshua Cooper Ramo About a pilot out testing an aerobatic plane when the main wing spar broke. As the wing started to fold up the pilot flipped the plane over and found that the skin on the wing held it in place while he flew inverted. He flew the plane over the runway as low as he could then flipped back upright to land the plane as the wing sheared off.


Not the same as landing after losing a wing high up but still expert compensation for a barely attached wing.

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