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Hi guys-


I am currently in a pair of Lange RS 110's, and I'm thinking about having Vibram-soled riser plates put on my boots. My main rationale for this is not so much a performance issue, but a wear and tear issue. I'm an instructor who works/skis 50+ days per year, and the RS 110's have a one piece sole, no replaceable heel and toe pieces. Each year I have to have my boots inspected, and my last pair failed due to worn toes and heels. The courtyard of our mountain (Stowe) is a very rough cobblestone that chews up boots. I use cat tracks as much as possible, but I tend to forget them more often than I should.


I can have Inner Bootworks here in Stowe put a set of risers on my boots for a decent price. My question is, will this affect the feel and performance of the boot in a significant way? I'm typically skiing on 99 or 117 underfoot skis, and my students are fairly high level, mostly bumps and trees. Thoughts?