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Help setting up for tele

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I did a little tele skiing on my XC skis and got decent at it and really liked the feel so ow I am moving up to some cheap three pin tele bindings and a high cut BC boot on some old alpine skis I got laying around (new in '97) and now I am stuck at a quandary. Where do I mount the binding!?!? I know that I should get this done by a reputable ski shop but I want to do this on the cheap before I decide if I want to get good gear and a dedicated tele ski so any advice on placement, and in general on mounting, would be great. Thanx in advance!
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Wow, tele turning on xc gear is *hard* so if you enjoyed that, your really going to love it on real tele gear!

My first suggestion is to try to buy a pair of used tele boards already mounted, you could pick up some with cable bindings (far better downhill control than pins) for cheap.

But if you have your gear already and are mounting them yourself (also brave), the standard mounting position for tele gear is "chord center." There are advocates of other positions, but you can't go wrong with chord center IMO.

If you'll remember from high school geometry class that a "chord" is a straight line between two points in a curve, then you'll understand why "chord center" is the exact middle point on the chord between the (curved up) tip of your ski and its tail. Get a piece of string (preferably one that does not stretch) or a tape measure or whatever, measure the chord from the tip of your ski to its tail, mark the ends of the string , fold it in half to mark the center, position the string back on the ski, and mark on the ski where the center of the string is marked.

Mount your bindings such that the pins are on chord center.

And be sure to come back and let us know what you think of tele skiing once you get out on the snow! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I should also note that this is usually further back than alpine gear, the logic being that when you are up on the ball of your foot on the rear ski, the center of your weight on the ski moves forward relative to where it is when your heel is down. So tele is a compromise between the optimal position for heel up and heel down, where alpine is set for heel down all the time. (in case you were curious!)
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thanx a lot, exactly what I was looking for. That is why this forum is so great. The wealth of information that is to be had here is unimaginable. I have not been able to find that anywhere (and I even checked the university library).
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