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Breckinridge area advice please!

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Great forum here!  Thank you for all of the information.


I am flying into Denver the 13th for 4 days of skiing with my son (on leave from the navy) and 2 friends.  We have all skied the east coast a bit but never been headed west.  We are coming from Florida.


The plan is to stay central to Breckinridge, Vail, Copper.  These three places were reccomended to us.  We intend to ski hard, eat well, rehab then repeat every day.  WE will have a rental car and be renting gear for the week.


Is there another slope that we should "not miss"?  Also any suggestions on what town to stay in for the best access to all of the mountains.  WE are looking at VRBO rentals and there are lots of reasonable options, just need to figure out a location.


Any and all insider advice is greatly appreciated!

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Place not to miss? Arapahoe Basin. Old style vibe, GREAT mountain. Make sure you do Palli just to say you did.


I'm not a fan (at all) of Breck, and would much rather go to Keystone, which is not universally agreed, but, hey, whatever.


To stay is probably Breck area as you can get stoopid then walk back to your place versus having to drive. Nice little town area that should keep you entertained with plenty of dinner choices for the nights you'll be there.


Only other recommendation I'd make is that being another flatlander, the altitude in that area could make for an issue. All of those resorts base altitude is well above any least coast peak, so if you can spend a day (or more) in Denver, it might be worthwhile. Altitude sickness can affect anyone, anytime, and you can't even predict if it'll get you, so limit alchohol, drink a lot of water, and take it easy your first day (or two).

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If you are planning on hitting multiple mountains, I like to stay in Frisco. It's in Summit County and pretty much central to Breck, Keystone, A Basin, and Copper. Vail and Beaver Creek are a bit farther, but still a very reasonable drive. A quick look at VRBO shows plenty of options, so hopefully you can find something in your price range. There's enough of a town to eat/drink there, and some rental places in town. 


Have fun!

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What type of skiers are you?  What types and difficulty of terrain do you like?


The three mountains you identified will be good for any type of skier and I can recommend specific areas based on your response.  And while A-Basin is a classic, it's not the best choice if you are a beginner or low-level intermediate skier.



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thank you for the advice.  Time to make a decision on place to crash!

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