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Dalbello Boss-Extreme Toe Bruising

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So I just picked up new Dalbello Boss last year from a local store, been on them about 6-8 times now. I'm still getting extreme toe jamming during glade skiing with significant pain to my toes while on mountain.


Last year I bruised my toes early, mostly glad skiing, had to have one nail completely removed.


This year, back to Jay Peak/Smuggs this week and it happened again. I hold my own in the glades, yes there are times I get back on my heels and hit some bumps.  I ski with friends at similar if not exact expertise levels and they don't have any issue with the toes jamming.


I should note the boots are extremely snug, so I cannot imagine it's too much room in the toe box.  I've played with the tension of the straps and buckles to hold my feet from moving to no avail.  My left toenail is back to me needing to go to the doctor to get it removed.


So I'm looking for some advice here, the shop I purchased from has a lifetime guarantee, however I've learned they are not experience bootfitters and haven't been much help on this front. I've been back 3 times already, with minimal work done to liner and some footbeds.


I feel like after this amount of time and wear through the glades that they should be packed out by now.  One may say too much room but I can barely wiggle my toes standing straight up and in aggressive position on groomers they feel great. 


Should I try a new boot, or put some more effort into getting these right?. Can a half size too small also contribute to this type of condition?


Any help on this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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a couple of quick questions:


what is your measured mondopoint size?


how wide is your foot?


have you done a shell fit check? if so how much space is behind your heel to the shell?


do you have a footbed? custom or trim to fit?


any idea if you have a low or high instep?


do you have a large or small calf?


is your heel being held snuggly down and back in the boot?



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Mondopoint 30.5 (Right foot slightly longer closer to 31)

-I'm a size 15, however I know the mondopoint does exactly translate, the shell check confirms the mondopoint measurement.

Width is a C size

Shellcheck, check, little over a finger thickness

Superfeet footbed, trimmed to fit

No idea on instep

Medium size calf

Yes, the boots put me in an aggressive stance off the bat

The 3 piece Boss does have a "spoiler" like feature on the boot right under calf


I went back again to the location I bought them.

They have a lifetime performance guarantee; a big reason I bought them there


Spent a lot of time with one of the managers, we went back through all the basics.


I noted that at first when I put my boots on my index toe feels like its overlapping with my big toe, then feels like it settles out once my liners warm up.  I also mentioned I do feel like the boots in the beginning of the day put me forward quite a bit, I like the feel though and it's great on groomers.  The issue is glade skiing and excessive bumps and turns. Also I'll note the inside portion of my big toe nail is the first to disengage from the cuticle/lateral nail fold and pry off from there.


We settled on blowing out the toe boxes a bit to see if we cannot get my toes to sit flat like they do once everything is warmed up a bit.


Any other suggestions are more than welcome.

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not sure why the boots are working for you in most conditions but NOT in glades (and powder)


usually the boots will bug you in any/all terrain, assuming you are balanced and skiing correctly in any/all terrain

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