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Tuning and waxing setup

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Hey everyone,

I just bought a condo up at Schweitzer that has a space where I can setup a tuning station for my skis. I use to do this years ago.

What all do I need to get for this? Edge tools, wax, iron, etc... Looking for a complete setup of everything I will need.

Thanks in advance!
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edit: Nolo and cgeib posted a great guide here




For bare-bones tuning I'd get the following:



ski brake retainers


For edges: 

sidewall planer (you may not need right away, but you will eventually)

side edge guide (I like 4 degrees; for the average skier I'd recommend 3 degrees)

fine file

clamp (to hold the file/stones onto edge guide)

diamond stones: 100, 200, 400, 600 grit or so

gummi stone

denatured alcohol (to mix 50-50 with some water so you can clean your stones)

squirt bottle (for the solution)


For waxing: 


wax (all temperature and warm weather wax, most likely)

brass brush, optional (optional to open up the base, but probably a good idea for an "eventually" purchase)

metal scraper (I like to scrape with this after using the brass brush)

fibrelene sheets (makes waxing a lot easier)

acrylic scraper

nylon brush

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