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A couple boot fit questions

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Hey guys, I have a few boot fit questions tonight. my questions mainly center around resolving some hot spots i am getting in my boots as well as boot flex and boot fit around the shin/calf.


little back ground about me as a skiier, I am 5'11 and approximately 150. I am a ski patrol out here in NH, I started out on my snowboard but quickly picked up skiing about halfway thru the season(I have an extensive history as a hockey player) and now primarily patrol on skis. I feel comfortable on all runs, even tho my powder(not many powder days out here unfortunately) and bumps skiing still needs some work imo. I tend to consider myself a fairly aggressive skier and like to go fast but I do not have a ski racing background.

I am currently in 26.5 tecnica cochise 90's that I got the end of last season.


I know that my feet pronate so I have blue superfeet with an additional medial heel lift in the boots. I also know that my medial malleoli(inner ankle bones) protrude pretty far which cause hot spots on both feet. These hotspots are generally ok for the first 4ish hours as long as i dont use the walk mode the rest of my 9-14 hour shifts can be pretty miserable if i dont take the boots of for a few minutes every now and then. I generally keep my power strap and top buckle loose when i am kicking around patrol or on the snowmobile. I have had both boots punched out twice by my local shop with masterU bootfitters. This fixed my issue for a brief time however i was on my board for a week and the issues with the hot spots came back with a vengeance. after 3 days they seemed to be feeling better like the liner wore in again but I am still dealing with pain in the boots. I have ordered some smartwool ski specific socks to try out in hopes of helping my pain, but I am really looking for any other suggestions you guys may have.


I am considering entering the market for new boots at the end of this season as I feel the 90 flex is now too soft for me but I am unsure how exactly to tell if I am ready for a 110 or 120?


and finally, is it normal to have probably 1/4-1/2" of room between my shin and the tongue of my boot liner when I have my boot buckled and the powerstrap as tight as it can go? I ask this because when I am skiing thru crud or deeper snow one of my skis/boots feels like it rotates inwards while my foot feels like it is remaining straight. this generally doesnt cause an issue but I feel that as I continue to tackle bigger terrain(hopefully some back country at some point) that it could cause a problem.


Sorry for the length post and thank you in advance.  

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sounds like a 110-120 is about right for flex, but better to get stiffer and make it softer if needed


and you need a narrower boot too I think,  (or maybe smaller too?)   you shouldn't have much play at the top of the boot,   maybe try the power strap around the liner only?  (between shell and liner)  might make things tighter.


wiki at the top of this forum should help anser a lot.

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Thanks for the response, are some boots narrower in the calf than others? Should I purchase one of the booster straps to try making the boot tighter? for my next pair of boots would a 4 buckle boot be better for getting the appropriate fit in the calf than a 3 buckle?


Thinking about it maybe I could pull off a 25.5 or 26.0 but my current 26.5 feels about right to me, any smaller and I feel like the toe box would be too cramped for me. 


I read through the wiki and still had questions so thats why I posted hoping for a little more insight, but I will go re read them.


As far as the ankle pain I had been having that seems to have been almost completely resolved by switching to skiing specific smartwool socks.

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boosters might help, worth trying


26.5 and 26.0 are  the same shell, so will fit the same after a few days of use,  the 25.0 or 25.5 is the next shell size down, and you might want to try that?  Shell fit it and see


usually boots that are narrower in the forefoot will be thinner in the calf too.  so a 97/98mm boot might be good to try on next time too.

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ok so the shell sizes and the only difference is the liner they have in them right? 


I will give the narrower/shorter shell a shot next time.  


I was looking at the black diamond boots and they have a boa strap system on the liner, do you think this would be successful in getting a slightly tighter fit in the calf while keeping the level of comfort i am used to with the 100mm last?

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the boa works well, but have seen some issues with the liners,   As per all this, best to try the boots on in person and see what fits you

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abolutely, i have no intentions of buying a boot without at least putting it on in person first.

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I am gonna bump this thread since I am still having some issues with the pain in my ankle, its on the inside of my ankle right on my ankle bone on each foot.  I have had these boots punched out in the appropriate spot and that seemed to have solved the issue as long as I wore the boots 3+ times a week a so but now that I am back in school and doing 1 ski day a week at best the pain has crept back up. is it possible for the boot to shrink back to its original form or do I need to make even more modifications to the boots?

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send a picture of the punch on both boots. 


we may be able to see from the picture wether the location is close or if the punch has receded due to lack of initial heat.



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tanks for the pictures, triax plastic is difficult at best for even good boot fitters to get a permanent shape change without either punching a gaping hole through the boot or shmearing the material into a cosmetic mess. especially difficult for an ankle punch because you have to get both the lower shell and the cuff hot enough to stretch and not so hot that the cuff and lower melt into each other.


your guys did not get the job done. find another fitter that knows what the material is and has the skills to make a permanent shape change.



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Thanks for the info Jim. Hopefully I can find someone who can solve this issue.

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So I just got the pricing range from the bootfitter I am going to next weekend and I am a little surprised by the pricing. its 70 bucks just for an evaluation and anywhere from 45-235 more for orthotics and other modifications. is it normal for bootfitting to cost more than the boot itself or should I be looking elsewhere?

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