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Sleepy foot

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Hi all, I bought new Technica Cochises last year and had them fitted with custom foot beds. Best money spent. Made a big difference to my skiing. I have high in steps and getting in and out of the boots is a challenge but once in, snug as a bug. Problem is my right foot gets a bit numb after an hour or so. I can wiggle my toes. I have started to wear a pair of thin dress socks and leave the 2 bottom buckles undone which helps. I bought the boots while on a ski holiday so I can't go back to the seller. Any ideas?
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if you are using a custom footbed, get it thinned out in the toe area  to get remove volume

if you are using the stock footbed remove it and go without any footbed

grind the boot board thinner

make sure to pull the tongue UP, then buckle the upper buckles.  This will make sure the tongue is not pressing down on your foot.

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Thanks for the reply. They are custom foot beds. There is lots of room in the toes as I can wiggle them all. I don't feel any pressure points, just a general snug fit everywhere else other than the toes. I suspect it's the high instep area. If I tighten the 2nd buckle up from the bottom, the numbness is worse. I'll try pulling up the tongue on next ski day which I hope is tomorrow.
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the boot fitter builds a pocket for your instep bump into the tongue by creating a "hole" in the plastic top of the tongue, or the tongue can be opened up and the foam directly above your instep bump can be cut out or ground to redistribute the pressure on your instep.


a good boot fitter can also perform an up stretch to the shell above your instep.



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Thank you Jim, I'm going to my local ski shop tomorrow and see the boot fitter.
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