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does Tioga Have ANY snow still?

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Inquire at telemarktips.com, since many of their posters ski at Tioga.
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does Tioga Have ANY snow still?

I'm going up this week, and I'm not afraid to climb for it.
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if there is it's not much.

I was at Yosemite July 21.

from the top of Glacier point, the only snow fields we saw were pretty small. Usually they are much larger.

Good luck and enjoy Tioga..
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Well, we found snow. North peak out of the back of Saddlebag lake. Total distance... 5 miles or so. It was a great trip. My buddy, a boarder, lost his footing and fell about 400 feet. His board hit the boulder runout and delaminated but he's ok. All in all, I good day for me.
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Hats off dude, you must have been desperate. I was hiking up there today, and it looked horrid. I skied the Conness Glacier back in mid June, and almost lost my partners in the suncups.
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Desperate... ya, that would describe it. I work at a ski shop so even in the summer the stuff is there. I see it every day. So I can't just block it from my mind. I'm constantly talking skis and boards but I don't get to use them. Once in a while you just have to make turns. Some of the suncups at the bottom were a good 1 1/2 feet deep, but if you hit them right its not a problem, and the top was semi-smooth. Plus rocks and ice, but that can be avoided. All in all it was well worth it.
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Hi compadres - nice thread in here! Takes me back, waaay back to my Mammoth-Lee Vining days. I used to ski the North Peak snowfields every year around my birthday, end of July or early August. Looking forward to hearing it how it is this weekend. I've almost forgotten what snow looks like here in hot-n-dry Colorado but you've inspired me. I think I'll head toward St. Mary's Glacier in the next few days. I did have a great spring session around Tioga and Mammoth this year, my first trip back to the Old Homestead in several years. Check it out at: [url=http://www.coloradoskiwriter.com/blowingsnow/mammouth.htm

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Good job!

My hat's off to anyone who hikes to snow during the summer. The conditions often suck and it's usually way more work than it's worth, but I love it.

I skied a small snowfield on the east face of Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton Park last Friday. 2.5 hours of steep hiking to get my skis to the snow (we were climbing the peak anyway). Got a total of about 1.5 minutes of skiing, but it was great fun.

Keep it up.

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