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Got new Rossignol GS FIS skis (23m radius), what to expect?

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Dear all, this is my first thread after researching this topic (and not finding anything). I am an experienced skier, have been skiing since 3 years old and have an extensive experience with GS-style (mostly cheater) skis. Im 21.


For the past 3 years, i have skied with cheater Stockli Laser GS 180/18 (185/19 on one occasion) rentals, the most recent models. This year I wanted to finally buy my own skis, as mine got stolen a few years back, and went for my friends 2008 (i believe) Rossignol Radical GS FIS 181/23 skis. Got a great deal.


I was wondering, as I have never actually tried a FIS ski before... what should I expect???? haha


To give you some more info, I am a very proficient skier and find the 180/18 and 185/19 rather enjoyable, great performance but sometimes feel like they dont challenge me enough (I like to push myself). I ski very aggressively and race-like, probably cos I never got to do actual racing. I was deemed talented when i was 14-15 but was too busy with Water Polo. Since I believe I master the 180/18s completely, I thought the 23m FIS skis would be challenging but not too hard...


Im 188 (6'2 ish) and weigh 75 kgs (165 lbs) and I am not in the best fitness actually. Although active this year, I cant compare myself to the shape i was 2-3 years ago. 


The skis are some 4-5 years old and have seen moderate use, which is probably why they feel very flexible to me. Compared to my friends 182/18 Atomic GS Race 12s non-FIS (hardly ever used), they are noticeably more flexible which surprised me. Edges are done at 87 deg. (how much difference will the angle make actually?) Bindings are World Cup (titanium and steel i believe) and seem extremely well made. They start at 100kg, which actually suits me well cos this is the weight i use for well groomed slopes.


Tomorrow, I am about to give them a go for the first time in Crans Montana, Switzerland and I am very excited!


So, any feedback is welcome, and I am happy to be on the forum!

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Go and ski them. You should have no issues, just remember to drive the tip. The older Rossi such as this were pretty soft tending towards the noodle end, much softer than the atomic
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Hi ScotsSkier, thanks for the response. 

This comes a surprise since ive read so much about FIS skis being considerably stiffer than "cheater GS skis". This probably means they will handle nicely. 

I cant say im used to punishing skis, but the Stockli 185/19 were not that forgiving either. 

I guess it comes down to tomorrow :)


Happy new year guys!

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I've got the Dynastar version and love it (I'm a shade shorter and a few pounds heavier).  I agree with SS, drive the tips and they will reward, let the skis drive and they will try and kill you.  These are meant to be skied.

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I demo'd those ski's a few weeks back - very nice ski's.  You should have no problem at all on them, given your ability.  From shorter to longer turns, they performed well - they actually felt light underfoot but had great grip.  Incidentally, I also demo's the Atomic FIS GS ski's the same day, which felt heavier and stiffer underfoot.  The Rossi felt a bit livelier (in a good way) in comparison.   Have a happy new year and go put a hurtin' on those slopes!

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