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Multi-Event Junior Race Skis

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My 9 year old daughter is transitioning from "Development" to Race Team this year and I've concluded a non-plated multi-event ski is better suited to a younger and newer racer than a dedicated SL or GS ski with plates.  She's about 60 lbs, a strong skier with a nice clean carve, but not too aggressive in the gates (yet).  Skiing since age 3.  I'm looking for a 125 or 130 cm ski.  


Dynastar, Head, Rossi, Volkl, etc. all have entries in this category but I've found the best deal on a Dynastar Team Pro (new 2012 ski).  Any opinions on which ski in this category might be best for her?  Which brands are less stiff?  Thinking I'll spring for the deal since I can't find anything used around here.



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I think this ski will be a good choice. It's not as stiff as some other models. If the price is right, go for it.
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What did the coach suggest?

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My daughter skied the Elan RCX Plate as a multi event and her first "real" race ski. Very easy going and forgiving. Comes in 125 and 130, radius 10ish m. She had the 130 with a Lange 70 flex and was about 75 lbs / 139 cm then.
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Thanks for the replies.  Coach recommended multi-event ski but the shop suggested a dedicated SL ski.  (They don't carry multi-event type skis.) Ended up getting a good deal on the 125 cm Dynastar Team Pro on-line.

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