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yes, i actually use the same ascencion skins on both my k2 x-15's (about 107 tip) and with my G41's (about 118 tip) and the performance is the same. I may start using them with my big stix this season too, depending on how i feel about the G3 skins after more use.
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Originally posted by dougw:
fez, thanks for the info. I can see your point but if you get enough grip with a skin cut to fit a ski eg 110/80/105 or whatever won't you get the same grip using the same skin on bigger ski?
Not to contradict ridgeH, but in my experience, the answer is NO. Every bit of un-skinned surface in contact with the snow is slippery and impedes uphill progress. A 200mm board with a 150mm skin has 50mm that just loves to do what it does best - especially on sideslope traverses where maybe only 15% of the base is in contact . Guess which 15% that is?

dougw, every time I go to a wider ski, my old skins become useless heaps of doghair paper. I don't own stock in Ascention. It's just that I've struggled (1 foot back for every 2 feet forward) enough to know... GET FULL WIDTH SKINS & DON'T SCREW AROUND... (in my humble opionion)
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I'm with CheapSeats. I don't know the physics, but it sure seems that if there's unskinned exposed base, the skis will slip backwards if you're trying to go up a moderately steep skin

My personal feeling is that you better cover as much of the ski base as possible if you hope to take an aggressive skin route.

The frustration factor just plain isn't worth it to struggle up a hill somewhere. The concept is that you put as much skin surface on the snow as possible and hike up from there.

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Go big! I mostly tour on Sierra spring corn, and the more skin the better! I use a AK Launcher (88cm waist) with a 95 skin cut to fit, with a little base and edge uncovered for firm spots. It can be scary how steep you can goup with wide skins. Of course, if you are setting the track, for people that may not be as girthy, you have to back it off for them.
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i also like wall to wall skins, my point was primarily that the quality of the skin is at least as important as the amount of surface covered. I was surprised last season when my 100mm ascensions on 118mm volkls climbed MUCH better than my 130mm G3's on 135mm fischers.

btw, where do you get a 200mm ski?
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