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top of the line Freeride/powder ski boot ?

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Howdy !

I need a piece of advice to aid me in the search of a great freeride/powder boot!

I have always been a fan of deep snow ski , but unfortunately i never had the chance to ski it since every time i went on a trip there either was no off piste snow or the group that i was in was very strict and did not allow me to have it my way (because the skis i was wearing were for carving and did not offer flotation at all).


The only time i partially experienced it was in Switzerland in the Alps , when i was heading down the piste and i was admiring the view ; suddenly i went off track into the deep snow ( i went down to my knees in it) ...and all i can say is that it was amazing ... i was hopping around like crazy and i had the sensation that i was flying .


Since then i have been dreaming about it and have been looking at ski movies all the time ( and when i say all the time, i mean all the time ...i day dream about it at school , at home, everywhere ; and i even dream at night that i am skiing  ; quite strange it is that i have this passion even though i never had the chance to properly experience it). The main place that keeps my passion going is salomonfreeskiTV youtube channel that uploads , in my opinion , the most amazing deep powder videos. So enough with the stories.


I am looking for the best/top of the line ( i know there isn't a "best" , but something near it) ski boot that can fit in this category .

So far , as i am a huge salomon ski equipment fan ( not that i own any) , i have been looking at the Salomon Ghost Max 130 2014/salomon ghost 120 CS 2013 , as well as the Salomon Quest Max BC120 2014 version. I have been looking at some others from K2 , Scarpa , Rossignol , Atomic and so on, but nothing got my attention as much as the salomon ones.


What do you recommend me ?


Height = 184 cm

Weight= 72-73 kg

Foot measure = 43 (European shoe size) = that means 28 in ski boot size as i recall

Ski performance : advanced to expert (a little over advanced, not at all an expert) ( that is how i view myself , hopefully it applies in reality as well ) ( on a scale from beginner -> pro)


To be noted that i always rented skis/boots , therefore my appreciation of quality/performance might be a bit off.( only had a pair of skis and boots when i was little so that doesn't count)

I wish i could buy a pair of skis as well , but my budget doesn't allow it : (.


Thank you!

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Boots are fitted for your feet, and with that boot that fits you can ski any/all terrain.


Skis are for terrain (twin, power, park, etc)


this should help you


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you need a boot fitter and not a boot form a selection based on colour or what you like the look of, a good fitter will assess your feet and discuss what you are looking to do THEN select a suitable boot for your needs


FYI a 43 may well be 28 on a conversion chart, but if you buy that size of boot chances are they will be 1 if not 2 sizes too big for you, the conversion is WAY OUT  (example i am a 46 shoe UK11, and in the salomon models can wear a 27.5 and in most other stuff a 28 is good) so please ignore the numbers and work with a boot fitter who will shell check you to get the best boot for your foot

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Thank you for the responses :)

@mntilon : yes you are right , but the some boots offer technologies that are more adequate for what i am looking for when compared to others( that is why i am looking for the best choice; if i were to have a bigger budget i would buy more pairs for different scenarios but unfortunately i am not in that situation )

@CEM: i think i will indeed find a boot fitter soon . Regarding sizes, you are right , i had friends that had problems when it came to this. If i had found these salomon boots versions in my country i would've tried them out and see which one fitted better. Then again , as this country

( Romania) is outdated and you seem like time travelling in the past when you arrive here , they did not have these models ( Guys at the salomon shop in Bucharest said people here are noobies and usually just buy classic carving/on piste boots). The only boots i found in the Quest line were from other years. Nothing from the new 2014 range :(

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anyone that had experience with the ghosts and might share some of your thoughts ? ty

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I understand things may change slowly in Romania, but they also change slowly in the world of ski boots and there is no technology I or CEM or MTNLION is aware of that makes one boot better as a freeride than another.



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The topic can be closed :). I am going in feb in Austria and i will search for a perfect boot there. I will just rent the models i wanted to try and see how they act and after that i will buy them if they fitted correctly. The only problem is that today i measured my foot lat and it seems that i have a 111mm lat ( and i wear a 43 EU ) ...that's a damn giant lat foot . Remains to try the boots and see if my feet aren't bothered with the 92 mm. + the salomon models i wanted to buy before have a 360 custom shell which i can tweak.

Thank you all for the help you have provided !

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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post

this should help you



re width, please read (and re-read) this again

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yeah , read it again and i got around the width now . Seems i won't be having so many problems after all. Thank you :)

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