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Feel free to post questions or comments.  After replaying this video (from last spring), what I remember most is just how incredibly versatile this ski is.  Off-piste, I don't really know how they can make a ski so incredibly manageable, yet basically run like a wide race ski on the groomers.  When testing skis last spring, I didn't ski anything around 90mm that was friendlier than the MX88 in junk snow.  In that crusty not yet thawed snow, it was just smooth, buttery, confident.  There are plenty of "all-mountain" skis around that I wouldn't have wanted to touch in that snow; the MX88 felt totally at home there.  Yet, is there a better ski at speed and on groomers than the MX88 in this width range?  Doubtful, at least amongst the skis I have tried. 


A truly remarkable ski