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I'm putting my current skis out to pasture and am looking for some advice / direction.  I've been reading through some of the gear reviews here.  Last time I bought skis was in '04 and a lot has changed!


1.  Ski mostly in the Mid-Atlantic (Timberline and Snowshoe, WV) with a yearly trip out west

2.  Terrain:  Everything but the terrain park / back country.  Hit the occasional groomer but prefer to ski moguls / trees when the conditions permit.

3.  Ski ~14 days a year

4.  Skill Level - Advanced (room to improve).  I feel comfortable skiing anything on the East.  Out west, I'm comfortable with anything blue groomed or ungroomed and most black terrain.  Large moguls and steep terrain tend make me ski more defensively and are areas where I need to improve.  For example Golden Eagle at Beaver Creek, Highline Ridge area at Taos.

5.  Age 30, 6'2, 210 lbs

6.  Looking for a 1 ski quiver



Salomon Scream Pilot 8's, 190 cm, 107/69/102 R19


Skis I'm interested in / looked into:


Kastle MX83

Salomon Enduro 800/850

Volkl RTM Series

Blizzard Brahma

Blizzard Magnum



Finally, what sort of length should I be looking at given my size?  Also, what do you think an appropriate width would be?  I'm thinking somewhere between 75-85 underfoot.


Thanks again for taking the time to read and share your experiences and advice.

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There are a ton of great skis out there that can meet your needs.  If you prefer to venture off piste into trees and moguls, then I'd really recommend taking a look at skis with a slight rise in the tail or a twin tip.  Yes, twin tips may not be your bag, but the upturned tail helps to break out of turns and to help the skis really move in the moguls.  Good luck!  T. -

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