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Loon Mountain, NH?

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Hi gang!


Has anyone skied Loon Mountain, NH?




John from South Jersey.

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yes...what would you like to know?   what other areas in northern new england are you familiar with so we have some comparisons to discuss.

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Hello Slushking!


I've skied Okemo and Pico.


I also wanted to know about crowds.  I heard they are bad on weekends and holidays (I know many places are, but Pico, for example, is fairly UN-crowded on weekends).



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Loon is very crowded on weekends and holidays.  Come to Cannon.

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if your window of Loon opportunity is WE+holidays...i would pass.  Cannot recommend it; it is the resort of choice for greater Boston at that time.   It is a really nice mountain that is REALLY close to the highway from boston--hence the crowds.   Sometimes the mountain is worth the hassle, but i really think Loon is not worth the hassle/expense of the weekend experience, especially if you are driving from NJ.  


The weekend blitz is similar or greater than what you have experienced at Okemo.   Glad to hear you enjoyed Pico Peak!  When the snow is good, Pico is really a lot of fun, especially with a family-mixed skills set of people.  


Please do consider other NH resorts that may be better on weekends.   Cannon, Wildcat for the higher level skiers....Ragged Mountain, Black or Cranmore for the mixed skills set.

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That is what I thought.  You just saved me a lot of time, money, and aggravation.


I love this forum!  I cannot believe I never found it earlier.

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great and glad to help.   Sooooo....where  ya' gonna go?


p.s.  check out ...a small site with a lot of good, unbiased info.   Look at the deals page...if you can work out the details, there are some nice bargains in there.

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Just going to throw it in there - Bretton Woods. I love Cannon, and ski a lot at Wildcat, but love the Bretton Woods. Not a challenging mountain like Cannon, but well groomed and wide open groomers (if you like Okemo its more like that). Only about 15-20 minutes past cannon, or 25 to 30 past loon. In my opinion, either are better options than loon. Enjoy!

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