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I'm looking to make the move to some new skis, these will essentially be my everyday pair.  I ski primarily in New England, Level 8 skier, 160 lbs, 5'6".  The majority of my skiing is on groomed runs, sometimes ice, but I do like to get into the trees and occasionally bumps when the snow is soft.  I've demoed a number of skis, but have really only had the opportunity to try them out on groomers, some mild choppy soft snow, and ice.  No chance for bumps, trees, etc., and I won't have the chance to demo in those conditions before I buy.  So I'd like to get some feedback from people who have been on these skis and can speak from experience.


I had a blast on the Nordica Steadfast (170cm).  Fantastic carver, good rebound, very quick on edge despite it's width.  I've also tried out the Kastle MX83 (163cm) on a few occasions and thought it was an amazing ski, although really expensive.  It inspired my complete confidence at all times.  If I compare the two, I thought the MX83 was faster and a bit more stable in hard turns on steeps, the Steadfast was a bit more lively.  In the end it's probably a wash and I'd choose the Steadfast and save a few hundred bucks.  


However, I came across the opportunity to buy an MX88 in a 168 at a price that makes it essentially even with the Nordicas.  I won't have the opportunity to ski the MX88, but I assume it's going to be pretty similar to the 83, and I don't expect the extra width to bother me.  So I'm curious which will be better in the conditions I haven't skied in during my demos.  Bumps, trees, powder, etc.  I expect that the Steadfast might be a tad better in soft snow due to the slightly rockered tip.  Not sure which ski will have a more forgiving tail in the bumps and trees (I could use all the help I can get there).  Any feedback?