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Dalbello Options

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Hey guys.  I'm buying a new pair of boots and live too remote to go into a shop before I pick up a pair. 


I'm 5'7", 150 lbs and 46 - I've been skiing since I was a kid, and generally ski Colorado/Utah with groomers and powder, and often jump into the trees.  I ski moguls infrequently and avoid double blacks.  I like speed.  


I have a narrow, bony foot with narrow ankle - I'm currently in a pair of '07 Salomon Gun boots (26.5).  They fit relatively well, but have never been terribly comfortable -- I'm ready for an upgrade.  I do have custom footbeds in them.


Dalbellos also fit me well, and I'm looking at the Krypton Pro (KR-2 Pro), the Krypton Core (KR-2 Core) and the Pantera 120.  While the Pantera is light, it seems to be a bit wider and less adjustable -- and I'm not doing backcountry or hiking.  I'm inclined to go with the Pro (and given the flex adjustments with the tongue and the brace, assume I can dial it back from 130).  Question is whether that's just too stiff for me given my weight and skiing style.  The Core seems less adjustable in terms of fit, so inclined to go with the Pro, just worried about getting something too stiff, especially given I'm still skiing the Salomons (which were rated at 95 flex, and are now 7 years old or so).  I'm also looking at the Salomon X Pro 120 - I'd probably order two pair online and then try them on at home.


My skis are Volkl AC-4s, though I'm planning to move away from those and rent skis this winter to try different options -- the AC-4s are nice, but heavy, and recent tech has me wanting something new!  


Thanks in advance, 



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Hey Mike,


Difficult for any boot fitter to nail down a good fit for you over the internet!


If you have a narrow foot, you should look for narrow lasted boots, generally racing boots or a few high end free ride boots.


You mentioned you are currently in a 26.5 boot.  What size do your feet measure?  Do you know how to shell size?


It may be wiser to wait until you take a ski trip to CO to purchase your boots?  There you can find some good boot fitters and save yourself time and hassle and ultimately money.  There are just too many variables to expect a good fit by mail ordering your boots.  


 Mail order your skis but see a good fitter to purchase your boots!

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