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Help with S7 Replacement...

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Hello everyone. I'm thinking about replacing my 188 (non super) S7s and would like a bit of input.

I'm 5'11" 165lbs. 50 yo ski 30 days a year. Started in college.

On the simple beginner/intermediate/expert spectrum, I guess I'm and expert, but not really. The term is just too broad. When the conditions are right, I link fast turns of any radius, but throw me into big bumps, tight trees or really steep powder and either I have to be very methodical or I can explode. Those conditions just bring out my bad habits.

I'm one of the many that the S7 turned into a powder hero, from no go, even on a fat flat ski, to skiing powder in trees. It has been an amazing ski for me. It's now though starting to show me its weaknesses.

They ski zippered pow just fine, but when the bumps start to coalesce, I get battered around and have to throttle way back. The tail also gives way when I get back at all. It also carves well for a fat ski, but it's like riding a 140 SL ski with a flapper in each end. I have skis for pure carve, so carving is not a goal per se, but it would be nice to have a little more ski on the snow after the soft stuff is destroyed.

I have some 180 Bonafides that are just a little too big boy for me. They don't lift out of the soft well enough to replace the S7s. They carve well, but not as well as a Magnum. They're stiff. They'll pop, but only if I methodically load them. Despite all the stellar reviews, I've been disappointed. With that said, they'll pound the chop.

What I want is sort of a blend of the S7 and the bone, a playful powder ski that doesn't just ask to be taken home if it doesn't hear chopper blades, the rumble of a cat or the soft patter of continuous snow.

I'm thinking of the following and would like some input: 184 Moment Bibby Pro (not the new model), 186 Atomic Automatic, or 185 Nordica Patron.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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I think after a little more reading, I'd have to add the Soul 7 and the new Super 7 into the mix too.
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I'm a huge fan of my black diamond zealots, 182. Playful enough, very steady on the groomers, and fat enough for powder and chop.
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