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Crgildart, I'm not judging your popcorn guy but I will ask you this. 

If you were in a similar incident, your son witnessed it, and there were video footage, wouldn't you wish that someone were guarded with the footage so that your family doesn't have to relive it?  

Public figure or not, Michael Schumacher's family should be shown this consideration. 

That depends on the source of the video.  If it were my own video I would want the family to see it if it helped for closure of my death or acceptance of my severe injury.  It would be their choice.  Also, if needed funds could be raised from selling the video why not?  Being dead I wouldn't really care as long as they gained some benefit from it.


If it was a video filmed by someone else i.e. my scenario where another skier happened to be on the same trail or watching/filming from the chairlift that raises some serious personal privacy issues, but should they really at a public resort?  Is there any such thing as personal privacy out in public places?  I wish everyone everywhere wasn't filming everything but that genie is already out of the bottle.  Best we can do is damage control literally devoting thousands of hours scowering the internet, finding the images, then requesting that the site owners remove the videos of you that were posted without your permission.  Good luck with that if you're not wealthy.

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The helmet cam in question is the personal property of Michael Schumacher.  Unless the authorities deem that there were grounds for a criminal or negligent behavior on the part of the operators of the mountain triggering a civil suit, which are they are investigating, it probably will, as it should remain as part of his personal property unless there is something on there which would then place it in the public domain should a legal action transpire.


His family is quite well off and I'm sure would opt for privacy over a public free for all on You Tube.

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They are probably watching a video of it over at NSA right now.


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