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Just a quick update for anyone making plans for NY week.


I got to Cannon late in the day on Sat 12/28.  From what I heard it had been very crowded (by Cannon standards) throughout the day, but at that point every lift was ski on and the tram was only about 1/4 full.  But even with light loads in the lifts the trails were surprisingly full - a product of only having a few options down.  This was the type of day that gives Cannon its bad reputation.  Long, long stretches of solid ice that was essentially impossible to turn on.  I know the mountain well enough to find the tiny slivers of edgable snow, but even at that I went down hard a couple of times and felt pretty bad for intermediates that were really struggling.  A few runs was all I needed to see before taking off.


On Sun 12/29 we showed up for the 2nd tram (8:30).  The groomers had done a heck of a job turning the previous day's horror show into something pretty enjoyable.  It was solid, fast, and carve-able.  But by noon we had everything open and things were getting dicey again.  


With the conditions as they were today I probably wouldn't bother to head out tomorrow for a 3rd helping...But we are looking at 6"-10" overnight that will change everything!