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Tioga Pass Open to Park Entrance!!!

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It was supposed to open last weekend, but it snowed, so they opened the gate this morning. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, but will be earning them on Sunday. If you are going, be carefull of unconsolidated from the last storm that ended on Tues PM. There are plenty of wet slides, especially in the afternoon. Cornice stability could be another big issue. Have fun!
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Score! Unfortunately I can't get down there until next weekend. Have fun and save some snow.
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Don't tell everyone!!
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A snow report from anyone who's been there would be much appreciated!!

Some pictures from last weekend at Shasta for interested CA/OR skiers:

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The Tioga area is in pretty good shape. On Wed I skied False White. The snow was very good. We skinned up the gully above TPR, and followed the moderate slopes along the ridge to the summit. We began our descent about noon. The main East facing bowl had nice soft corn, followed by firm, but snooth and edgable corn on the lower section leading to lower gullies, which were soft and perfect. The skate and glide out wwas no problem, skis on the whole wasy. There are tracks everywhere, but still room for freshies in the corn. On Sunday we skied the same are, and the snow was much less consolidated, and there were plenty of wet sloughs and slides on the lower steeps. But, on Wed the situation had stabilized considerably. Even so, use caution on the soft and steep lower gullies, especially near rock bands, as they heat up in the sun. Gaylor Peak also looks good, but is all tracked up, and seems to have had more slides. The slopes further along the ridge look great; White Mtn, and especially Mt Connes would require an earlier start, but would be well worth it. Mt. Dana is in fair shape. Ellery Bowl is still skiable to the dam, but has lots of tracks, and plenty of little slides, although the upper conices have stayed put (so far). Hopefully a bit of melt/freeze will smooth it. out Dana's West slopes are doable, but look a bit sparse. Glacier Canyon looks very thin, so a Dana Couloir run could require a bit of scrambling to link the snow fields in the Canyon. There are tracks down to the power plant, but it looks super thin, and is probably over. I have heard rumors of the pass opening all the way very soon. The closure right now is just a couple cones by the restrooms, so acces further along the road is possible, but not yet legal. Closer to town, Mammoth Crest looks awsome, and the lakes road may be open this weekend. Either way, there is lots of great skiing to be had. Mammoth Mtn. is in great shape also, with the best turns being found from 10 till noon.
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Thanks for the report, spinheli. I'll be at Tioga Pass tomorrow, Mammoth Sunday.
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