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Request for advice based on a very short video.

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I understand that the linked video is very short , only from behind etc but if anyone would like to offer some advice for improvement based on what can be seen it would be greatly appreciated.

I will try for some more useful video soon but I doubt that any terribly subtle or in depth analysis is necessary to give me some things to work on immediately.

Thanks Mike



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Sorry about that, says video not available. New to Youtube etc so will try again later when I correct link.

Thanks Mike


Later : Seems to work now.

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Goal - let the skis turn you more than you turn the skis


2 movements you need to develop to enable this are tipping the boots and steering into counter.


2 drills that can help develop these movements:

1) carved traverses

2) railroad tracks


For the carved traverse stop at one side of a trail, aim your skis at a point about 20 degrees downhill from the opposite side of the trail, check for uphill traffic, then traverse across the trail riding your uphill edges until you turn uphill to a stop. If you don't leave pencil thin lines in the snow you are either not tipping your skis enough or you are turning your feet instead of tipping them. Once you get a carved track, repeat back across the trail and pick a bigger angle so get more speed. As you get more speed you will need to face your upper body more down the hill to stay in balance. This is a position you will want to achieve in your regular skiing, by letting the skis turn more across the hill than your upper body (i.e. not having your shoulders facing the same direction as the skis at the end of the turn - aka steering into counter).


For the railroad tracks, pick a wide beginner trail. Start going straight down the slope. Roll your skis slowly onto a small edge angle to start a turn out of the fall line. When the skis are 15 degrees out of the fall line, roll your skis onto the other edges to turn the other way. Do not steer by turning your feet! The skis should only turn because of the side cut being engaged. As you build up speed you can tip the skis onto higher edge angles and let them turn more out of the fall line. Your skis should leave a path like railroad tracks.



There is nothing wrong with your turns as they are now. There is a big jump in athletic performance that is within your reach. You are at the point where you can start to learn how to load energy into your skis and make that energy do fun and exciting things for you.

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Rusty, Thanks for looking and taking the time to reply. Seeing myself ski was quite a shock.  I will definitely take your advice ( thanks for the positive way you put it ) and see if I can improve as you suggest.

Cheers Mike

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You're welcome Mike. Most people see themselves on video with an overly critical eye. It's hard to see and accept the things that you are doing well.

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