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I am about 185lbs 5'9" age 38 and ski mostly at Engelberg, Switzerland. I started skiing last season, and can can now get down all the recognised runs (red, black pistes, abfahrt routes in all conditions moguls, ice, fog, rocks), so just had my first off piste lesson in 12" powder and chop. My instructor suggested some wider skis rather than my 167 Blizzard G-Powers (72mm stiff metal carving ski) would make things easier, so I was thinking about something which will be a bit less stiff than the G-Powers but stiff enough to grip on ice, but better in bumps and off piste in about 175-180 length:



- Scott The Ski - pretty much what I want I think, nice colours

- Head Rev85 Pro - a bit narrow for float, but good on everything else

- Blizzard - Unsure which model to get. Any of the 88-98mm skis with / without metal are possible I think.



- Salomon Lord 185 - dead cheap, even if a bit long. Probably needs a service, but I can do the basics at home.