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More orthotic vs footbed talk

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So today I went to get footbeds made, as I have heard nothing but rave reviews of a custom bed. I also run quite a bit, and have logged some miles over my time running competitively. I have custom orthotics crafted from my podiatrist, and never really gave any thought to using them in my boot. Should I be using them? It was kind of off putting to stand in my boots after they had new custom molded foot beds today, and my right foot feels like it is lacking in support. I had them remold it, and it felt the same. I said I would try it out. This was the case too with my custom orthotics, the right foot needed additional increased arch, which they were sent back, and this was corrected. The support is to correct pronation, when I am in a flexed, knees bent, position. I also somewhat rely on the built up inside portion of the orthotic to take care of some plantar fascitis issues.


Any boot fitters on here who double as podiatrists? One final note, my orthotics on the bottom heel are kind of in a squared off form, so they would be fixed in position, if I were to put them in my boot. I have read that the custom foot beds are intended to move some.

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there are  a good number of the fitters on here including myself who are pedorthists 


impossible to say without seeing the foot and the orthotic and the footbed, for the most part you want to allow a little bit of flex in the arch, an orthotic should work by stabilizing and then filling the gaps under the foot, bringing the ground up to meet the foot is one way of thinking about it, it may also be used to correct a pathology, 


now your corrective device and a ski shop made products are very different (UNLESS YOU SEE A REALLY GOOD FITTER)  how was the footbed made for your boot? was it standing, seated or foot hanging?  all methods are used and all produce a different feeling insert, a lot also depends on the flexibility of your foot, for a rigid foot i would use a slightly softer support, for a flexible foot i know i can move it more and use a more rigid device.


you also need to consider that the product your podiatrist made for you was designed for gaited use (walking running etc) whereas skiing is a mid stance sport so the support requirements are a little different

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The footbed was made by taking a sidas (http://www.sidassport.com/sidas-home-2-2.html) footbed, heating them up, during that time i stepped on some blue colored gel bags, while i stood in a knees flexed, athletic position. Also told me to raise my toes up during it. They said I had fairly large pronation, so they were kinda wrenching upward w their hands on the drying gel mold.


Once the footbeds were good and hot, they molded them into the blue gel bags, and told me to step back into them. More wrenching on the inside of my foot to artificially jack my arch upward while they dried. Again, standing in the athletic knees bent position. Kinda seemed like a shot in the dark/bro-science to get it correct.

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