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Trip plans made for the season

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Well, my plans are set for the season ... 1 week up to Whitefish Mtn during the last week of January, and the following week in SLC.  I'll be one tired dude when I get home :).


One question ... does Powder Mountain still have the 'locals' rate mid-week?  I was there last season and seems like every Tuesday or Wednesday the lift tickets were super priced.

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Dorm! Can't wait to see you again! Backside totally changed now.
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Thanks Sibby ... its been a while since our group has made it your way.  The last couple of years we've had good opportunities pop up for Tahoe, SLC, Big Sky et al.  So it's been a while but we made plans early this year for Whitefish and we're pretty stoked about the trip ... be nice to make some turns with you there and get the lowdown on the changes.


Ciao ... Dorm

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Here's the link to Powder Mtn's mid-week locals rate:


Snow here is still skosh, but who knows by the time you get here.  Hope you have a great visit!


T. -

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