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Mammoth Area BC conditions

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This is for AC and anybody else who might be headed this way.

Tioga Pass is still closed at the Winter closure. It may open this weekend, for the fishing opener. It looks like there is plenty of snow around the Dana Plateau. I get a good view of Dana Coulior, False White, Mt. Connes, and North Peak today. They all looked real good, hope the road opens Sat.

Virginia Lakes Rd. is open all the way. Dunderberg's South side is almost totally bare, and the North side is just a bit better; looks like the wind stripped it. Olsen, South Peak, and Black Mtn. all are in pretty good shape. Just about everything does have tracks all over it. I skied Black Mtn. today. We timed it well, and caught it just as it softened. Very nice, we did find mostly untracked areas, but the are getting rarer. We were done skiing by noon.

On the drive to Virginia lakes, Mt Wood, and Mt Gibbs are both still in decent shape, with the gullies on Gibbs looking the best. Koip Peak still has good cover up high, but the steep climb from Parker Lake is spotty.

Mammoth Crest is in great shape, and should offer good turns for at least the month of May.

Bloody Coulior also looks good, and is on my list.

Overall, the BC action around Mammoth is going strong, with the best (Tioga Pass) yet to come.
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Thanks spinheli! A valuable report.
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Hey just found this great website and noticed a familiar handle -- I know who you are spinheli! So was that Black Mtn I skied with you a few weeks back? I'll never forget being chased downhill by those two dogs. Thanks again!
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Hey Mike - How are things in Utah? The skiing here is awesome, on the hill and off!
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