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I'm headed to Solitude in late February with my family of five and maybe some friends as well.  I understand there isn't a ton to do at the mountain and hopefully we'll get it good and do nothing but ski and sleep with barely enough energy left over to eat.  However, if conditions aren't great we will venture out and explore the surrounding area.  Aside from heading to Park City, where should we go to get some fun shopping and good food?  Obviously Salt Lake City is close by, but I don't think that's what we are looking for.  We will probably head to Park City for a day or two unless we get lucky and end up skiing powder everyday at Solitude.  We might also consider Snowbird for a day if there's no powder to be had at Solitude - if nothing else than just to see it.  We are renting an SUV so I don't mind driving a bit for a nice dinner or shopping for the wife.  Just seems that Park City would be a bit far for anything but a full day excursion and Salt Lake would be typical city shopping and dining.  Any other options?