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SX92 Equipe R desired

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Anyone have a pair of 350-355 Salomon SX92 Equipe R ski boots for sale?  I would like to buy them for a reasonable price.

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moved to general ski gear chat where you will get more responses 

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picture for those who might not know...


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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

picture for those who might not know...

the R is the model on the right which was also available in the white/black/pink color combo and also the black/yellow/blue of the Force9 series. I have a pair of he the white ones I take out from time to time on retro days, they have what I refer to as " flex on demand", they flex and rebound poorly and feel almost as if I have to pull the knee back to simulate rebound.
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Hi I do have an orange 355 in good condition.

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