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How to use an epic pass?

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Ok, so i bought my epic pass online awhile ago, im planning to be in breck in the next 2 weeks. Do they mail me something or what? Anyone used theirs overseas? I am planning a trip to st. anton as well.



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Very nice. I'm thinking about getting one next year. Tell us about how it was when you're back.

I'd just call the source and confirm. Call the resorts overseas or Vail management. Talk to a supervisor and get their names to make sure you're getting correct info.
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if you upload a picture and attach it to the card they then mail you your card. If timing is in question then when you get there just go to the ticket office, take your picture and off you go. If you have a vail resort owned/hill outside of co/ut/ca shop near by they might have capability to print one out.

Be nice to hear what they say about how it works in Europe, I.e. rf cards work out there or does one Ned to get a separate card.
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if you're going to a long established US vail resort as your first stop (Breck) don't worry.

If you don't get your pass in the mail, then just go to the pass office and they will set you up and print you a new card, and/or take your picture.

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