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Desolation Wilderness [ photos ]

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Stephan had the great idea of posting a photo essay of his backcountry ski trip -- so I thought I'd post a link to the Desolation Wilderness Trip (near Tahoe, CA) I did a week and a half ago.

If you have pics of your trips, please share them!
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very cool. thanks AC
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makes me wanna become a better skier and learn more about b/c.
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Awesome pictures. That looks beautiful. Thanks for the post.
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Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like a nice trip: crossing streams, beautiful weather and a nice 'final descent'.
It would indeed be a great idea if many other people would post photo essays of their backcountry trips!
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Looks like great fun. Nice Photos, AC.
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Great shots AC. That northeastern face of Pyramid looks especially inviting. Looks like a great trip with perfect spring weather. Thanks for sharing!
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Great pictures AC.
Make me wish to be a little younger and fitter!
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Great pictures - thanks a lot. We also skied Pyramid Peak, but a few weeks ago and did not take a lot of pictures. Now looking at yours refreshed my memory [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Good job!
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