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Is there a women's three buckle AT boot (for alpine-style binding)?

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Hello Boot Guys,


After many years of suffering from boot pain and ultimately having to get a massive morton's neuroma removed, probably thanks to ill-fitting boots, I have the lift-serviced boot of my dreams. The Dalbello Krypton Storm from a few years ago (2011 I think), heavily modded by my fitter.  They are as comfy as slippers while still giving me full control, and the three buckle design keeps my calves from cramping, and my high span nice and comfy.  I love these boots. They are also the first boot I've had in which my foot is almost always warm, presumably because my feet aren't getting pressured.  (It may be worth noting that I don't ever latch the lowest buckle.)  The fitter originally replaced the liner with another Intuition liner that came lower on my calf; I love these boots so much that I just had the liner replaced and am keeping the shells as long as I can.  I also like the nearly-vertical forward lean; I feel like I still have plenty of ability to pressure the boot when I need to, but without tiring as quickly as I would with more lean.


Anticipating further fit issues, I held off on choosing an AT binding style until I knew which AT boot might fit me best.  I ended up in a Scarpa Domina; I think the stock was low at the time, and it was that or nothing, and I really wanted something.  It seemed to fit okay. So I got Fritschi bindings, because the boots only work with an alpine-style binding.  Anyway, I've never really made friends with these boots. I'm sure they pressure my calf forward more, although my fitters seem skeptical (maybe it's not the absolute angle, but something about the fit?).  The four-buckle design puts pressure on my span, which is uncomfortable and leads to cold toes.  The buckle situation is also so finicky on these boots that I usually spend several minutes just trying to get the various pieces of plastic to overlap correctly. Fun!


So I'm wondering - are there women's three buckle AT boots?  Preferably ones with very little forward lean?  I went to the Dalbello web site, but I didn't see an AT women's boot, let alone one with three buckles.  I did see men's three-buckle AT boots, and while I have a very wide forefoot, I imagine they'd come too high on my calf and be way too big in the heel.  I'm considering just wearing my Kryptons for the rare AT skiing I do (would it be more if I liked the boots better?), but I don't want to hasten the demise of these fantastic boots by packing out the liner quickly.  And it would be nice to have the walk feature and tread if I'm in the back country.


I'm going to spend some quality time with my fitter in the near future, but in the meantime I'd like to pick your brains for ideas.  Am I correctly identifying the differences in the boots?  Is there something else that you know is different about these boots, that I haven't picked up on?  Is there something that's very similar to my Krypton, just more AT-ish?


Any insight, musings, rants, or other impressions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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I dont sell the dalbello boots, but odds are the "mens" and "womens" boots are the same, so well worth checking out.   You can also get any cuff lowered (cut it down) also you can use your own liners in that AT boot.



Or you can tour with the boot you have and love,  without a walk mode it will not tour AS well, but you still can tour with it.   The dynafit TLT5 or 6 might be a good bet in a 3 pc boot for you?   I use the krypton as my alpine boot and the TLT5 as a touring boot.   fit is similar for me.



Also try the cochise 105 from technica?

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Touring without a walk mode will be liking hiking in heels.  It is possible, I once saw a woman hiking into the grand canyon in heels but there is no reason you would want to do it.


Most boots are made in identically in three buckle and four buckle versions and with Tech fittings or not.  You should be able to find whatever you need.  If in doubt buy a  boot with Tech fittings since eventually this is the way you will want to go.



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Thanks, Dave and Lou.  It sounds like there are options. I'll go to my fitter and see if he thinks the three buckle will make a difference.

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