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backcountry kickers

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How many of you people here who live around big mountains with lots of pow, go to the backcountry and build kickers. Where do you live, and are there lots of spots to make em. I'm going to british columbia next year, and the one thing i really wanna do is ski the back country and take the time to build a nice kicker and try out some tricks. I wanna go to Fernie, is that a good place to build em. Where do you guys build em if you do.
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You can put a kicker on any incline with snow on it. We've built kickers on the back side of Solitude, in my friend's back yard and anywhere in between.
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I'ved skie a fair bit at fernie but not much out of bounds. I would guess that the Fish bowl would be the place to start. If your going to spend the whole or good part of the day jumping and climbing I'd do it at Fortress where there are lots of out of bounds jumps and it quite a bit cheaper.
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screw jumps, if your going to hike, go to the top and rip it down.
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