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Any comments/criticisms on my first edit?

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Sup everyone, 


I recently made my first ski edit with footage (from Laax, Switzerland) that I found from a youtube channel called ClipHive. If you have a chance, could you please watch it and I guess tell me what's good about it or what's not good about it? It's a pretty chill edit and I think I did pretty well on it. By the way, I used Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects in case any of you fellow editors were wondering. 


WATCH IN 1080p/HD!


Also, if any of you have ski clips or footage that I could edit, lemme know! I'll give full credit and everything..THANKS! 



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Nice edit for several reasons:

1) Midday shots are boring and provide the worst artistic lighting.  This was photographed and edited using a lower sun with the videographer using the sun as a backdrop in several scenes. That is nice. It is difficult to get the exposures right while shooting this, so you must have done a good job in pp.

2) You don't have the luxury of taking battery packs and studio lights to the mountain like some professional photographers/videographers do to maintain a consistency of lighting.  Your editing does switch from both sides of the terrain park and behind the skier showing uneven lighting and is blown out (overexposed) in one part, but there is probably not much you can do about that. Overall, it flows well.

3) The slo-mo is nice and adds to the skill of the skier and interest of the viewer. 

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thanks man! this is exactly what I was looking for. you didn't just say "it was good" or something like that..I liked the full analysis on it!

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I'm not normally a person who looks at these things. But, liked the slow vs fast bits with one niggle. There were one or two spots where the transition was too abrupt or a tad early relative to the skier's movements. I'd tell you where, but need to leave for an appointment.
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Yeah I know what you mean about the transitions. I think the flash transition and one other one is where I do it too early. Thanks for the feedback! 

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Nice video.  My only thought was just a bit too much use of slow mo.

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