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Least crowded day Dec 26 - Jan 1...

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In your experience, whats the best day to go? I'd like to get out since I'm off, but I hate holiday crowds. I'm not sure if there's a group consensus or not when the best day to go is, but if there were, I may talk myself into a day of liftlines and gapers.

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I think the 27th through 30th will be the most crowded for many resorts.  For some destination resorts, the 26th is a travel day for those who spent X-mas at home.  Some take it easy on the 31st (or quite early) to rest up for NYE and the 1st will tend to see some people sleep in.  With that said, none of the days you are off are exactly quiet.

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Probably be best to tell us where you want to go.

But, if the place can be a day trip from a metro area, the 26th may be just as bad as 27th. Generally, people clean up the dinner on the 25th, travel on the 26th, and the resort is SLAMMED on the 27th. Bookings locally bear that. I usually stay well clear until the 1st, get out super early that day and exit as soon as it starts getting crazy, usually around 11 or so. This year, I think there will be crowds beyond New Years, through the weekend. Especially because Whitefish has so much snow.
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It'll just be local.  Likely Holiday Valley, which brings in both a "destination" crowd and a solid local crowd from Western NY / Southern Ontario.

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Definitely Jan 1. One good snow year I was able to get bluebird fresh tracks all morning on Silverado at Squaw on a Jan 1 powder day. Unheard of if you know Squaw.

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I usually do a ski day on the 1st and haven't been turned off by excessive crowding yet.  Guess it does depend on the area though.  23rd through to the 30th or so is always packed, so on those days I'd be talking about a difference between horribly packed vs. fairly uncomfortably packed.  :/


I'm going tomorrow for just a couple hours at local hill.  Then will do a resort or two on the 31st and 1st.  That is usual routine for my holiday seasons. 

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Joe, I'd wait until the first and hope there's a roaring good bar scene the night before. NOT FOR YOU. Go to bed early, get up rested and up there for first chair.
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I've never been on the 26th, but have been going on NYD the last 5 years or so and it is generally empty.  Most people are nursing hangovers and staying up late so the people that go on NYD don't get there until ~ noon.  Also, many people have been skiing all week and too tired or heading home at the end of their trip.


I would think 12/26 would be more crowded due to people getting new gear for Christmas and wanting to try it out.

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1/1, then 12/26, then 12/31.  12/27, 28, 29, 30 are generally the busiest of the season for most places.

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I ski January 1 just about every year (kind of a tradition), usually Hunter, sometimes Killington. It's like skiing on a typical Tuesday or Wednesday. There might be a small surge of people around noon, but it will still be pretty empty.

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