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tele terrain park

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Anybody out there spend any time in the terrain park on your tele set up? What have you tried?
From my recent first time experience I suggest staying as far away from the rails as possible. Small jumps are fun and you get some very interesting looks. Have yet to try the half-pipe.
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Yeah rails are still a challenge... I have yet to even make it all the way across one after about a dozen tries.

The pipe is easy once you get used to it. The first time I dropped in gave me a new respect for all of those kids. Those walls are pretty high!

Tabletops are my favorite - the really big kickers still get me a little nervous in the air. I've gotten pretty good at spins, but haven't really combined anything else in there. I'd love a soft day to try something new.

What set up are you using?
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Llama, doing heli's eh? Do you find the landing a bit more difficult without a fixed heel , or not really and issue. I know for regular jumps, it does not really have an effect.
I am currently on Atomic 9.22's the tele version, Chilli's and T-2's. Looking for a big alpine-tele set up though, and use this set up for BC stuff.

Have you ever seen a twin-tip tele? I thought they started making these as terrain park tele is gaining popularity.
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I actually haven't found the landings a problem at all. It's just the rails where the free heel becomes an issue in keeping my balance.

I'm using a pair of twins with tele bindings (K2 Enemy's with Chilis) and love them. They are shorter than my regular tele skis (these are 183) so I can get them around quickly. Even as an all around tele ski in the resort they perform comparably well to my regular setup (Mod X with Linken).
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