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Breckenridge Peak 6

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Today, I and 10,000 of my closest friends skied the opening of Breckenridge's new Peak 6.  I didn't go expecting epic skiing; I went so I could say I'd done it, like heading to Times Square at 11 PM on New Year's Eve or lemmings trooping in lock-step to leap off the Troll Wall. Lift lines were epic, allowing ample time to savor the delightful garbage aroma from the Peak 6 warming hut. Once on the new lift, it stopped over, and over, and over, and over again, probably because the lifties, as a prank, set the offloading area at dead-level, a perfect set-up for disembarking beginners to be rear-ended by skiers arriving on the next following chair. "Oh, hello there! Nice to meet you."  Once on top, the skiing itself was perfectly amiable, long easy blue runs leading all the way down again, though a bit crowded thanks to those 10,000 friends I mentioned before.  Understand, today's experience was pretty much what we expected.  I'm sure it will be great once the blush is off the rose, the crowds thin out, and they open the double-black XX hike-to terrain.

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I was there also.  the ride up peak 6 takes two chair lifts.  the first is a quad and the second is a 6 pack.  You are right about the upper lift offloading area being very flat.  It makes for a difficult unload for sure.  Getting off the quad was just the opposite!  It is very steep with a sharp left turn!  Warren Miller could make a blooper video there with all the crashes and falls.  I think it will need to be reworked as it seemed like they were running the lift slowly due to all the falls at the top.  Peak 6 will be great with a little more snow!

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I did 2 runs there with my daughter- I think we went the slightly less obvious route and found the snow to be very good (if you can handle a bit denser powder/crud that was likely wind affected) terrain with a few wind loaded kickers.


As the first two posters mentioned, the first unloading area is steep and the second flat.  The second should be easy enough to fix as long as they can raise it about a foot to provide at least a little down slope.  The solution for the first is not so obvious


The views at the top of 6 are some of the best around.


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The Denver Post article on this today said they used a "masticator" to remove stumps and smooth rocks in the new terrain.  I would have liked to see the rock smoothing - never heard of that before.

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A bit of Peak 6 video- at least one snow snake seemed to pop up

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Skied it today. Some way off the hype. The Zendo access chair is a joke never can the prefix Super have been used more ironically - glacial pace, near horizontal with the craziest off ramp I've ever seen on a chair built in the last 20 years. Then a main chair that stops 4 or 5 times each ride and might as well be a 4 man for all the direction by lifties going on. Hike to terrain looks decent, main bowl just looks similar to Summit at Alpine but not as steep.
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