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Ski and boot positioning

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Merry Christmas! Is anyone skiing today?

I'm getting a new pair of boots with shorter BSL...1 cm shorter than my old boots. For all my race skis with fixed toe bindings, the center of the new boot will be about .5 cm forward from the boot centers of the skis if my math is right.

What would be the consequences, pros and cons, if any? Thanks!
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A half cm isn't going to make a big difference, especially since your toes are in the same spot. I doubt you'll notice.
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Right, 5 mm won't make a noticeable difference especially when I used to ski with two layers of stick-on ankle pads...(note to self -- search on existing posts beforehand)

1. Moderate Speed + 15mm
The center of the body is shifted to the front. The ski reacts earlier and can be controlled easily. Good for skiers preferring moderate speeds.

2. All Around 0mm
Neutral adjustment for optimal all around performance. For every skier!

3. Experts - 15mm
By shifting the center of the body backwards, the ski is more stable. Better speed at the end of the run. For experts and terrain skiers.
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..Which prompts a few thoughts on my mind.

- Drilling binding holes to the boot allows for the best boot center alignment
- Holes on Tyrolia pre-drilled plates are in 10 mm increments. +/- 5 margin assuming Bootcenter is optimized to the center of the range.
- Look pre-drilled plates are in 15 mm increments.
- Marker Piston only has 3 toe binding positions, as wide as 48 mm. +/- 24 mm possibly off alignment?!
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