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Which Opedix to buy?

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After decades of multiple, minor knee injuries, and in a desperate attempt to avoid NSAID toxicity this winter, I am finally admitting that I 'need a little help'... No, I am not turning to a surgical option (it is a mark of pride that I have avoided surgery on my knees all these years). And I have pursued all the supplements that I care to try. And I realize that all the conditioning in the world will not solve my problem. And I have used various braces and supports with little effect. So, as the title suggests, I have decided to bite the bullet and invest in support tights... I say bite the bullet, because these kinds of things seem to cost a bit, and I really don't like the feel of being constricted by compression thingies. But, as they say, if I want to dance to the tune, then I have to pay the piper.

After doing a full hour and a half of research, I think that Opedix would be the brand for me, even though it may cost more than some others. I am looking for any feedback on the model and style of Opedix tight to purchase. The website currently has a couple of discontinued models (U-1 and S-1) on sale, but they are full length -- I really don't want to have the tights inside my boots. The 3/4 length tight would be ideal, but the only model in my size is the newer, more costly, model.

Any feedback on style and model?
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A while back I posted this review


I still stand by the review and still wear them each time.  I have the 3/4 for the same reason you mention.  I had talked to the owner of the company (I think he was anyway) and he said most folks don't mind it in their boots but I believe in the review I did, theirs a picture of the impression it (full length) left on my leg.    3/4's is the way to go.


I also go the belt and suspenders route.  I wear the compression tights and use a brace.  I'm thinking about going to Ortho again to get a different brace.  My particular issue isn't about my ligament tears, but about OA and my knees swelling after a day of hard skiing.  I want to get something designed more along the lines of taking the weight off my knees, like an exoskeleton.  I'm using my BREG ACL braces (both legs) and it is working, but there might be something better.


Also, when it comes to fitting, make sure you consider your leg size and not just your waist.  The full size chart is in the review too.  I did motivate me to loose a little more weight.


I don't use the draw chord around the waist.  I use suspenders instead.  Get nice soft suspenders and not something hard core. Helps with the fact that my belly should be a little thinner to match up with my legs.


I understand it to be part of the design, but the only thing I don't like about them (still) is no pee flap.  I drink coffee and water so its important :p


On stupid cold days, I thrown on a pair of sweats over them and the braces.  Most times I'm fine with the Opedix and Patagonia shell pants (non insulated).


Do we get a discount through epic?


I think you'll be happy with these.  I have been and don't consider skiing without them. 


Happy Holidays!



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Thanks, Ken. I saw your original review and appreciate the update. "Do we get a discount through epic." -- an excellent question!!
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Rebecca Robinson at Opedix is very helpful. Drop her a line.

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I'm gonna throw in X-Bionic as well.
Not too popular in the states but ppl who tried them said they are miles ahead of anything else... they also have very specific lines so make sure you look at the correct ones...

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