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A snowboarder liftie called me and my friends Benders. I love it when I learn new words from the snowboard kidzzzz.
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Splain it to meeeee PinHed?

Is that a "tele" nickname? Or more of a two-sticked generic label?

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SnoKarver, have you been drinking that Crown Royal again? It's not that kind of bender. :
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Since they don't call us Dippers or Dips for short, I'm gonna assume that they're not sure if they like us or not.
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Man, I was all proud when the snowboarders in the park were giving me props for throwing airs with them. Nothing like earning the respect of fifteen year olds. Of course I did get some ... "How come you're cross country skiing?" thrown in there.

Benders is one I've never heard before.
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Yeah, and the occasional "something is wrong with your binding, man"
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Do you get your equipment at Mastersons & Sinclair Hardware Store?
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Dude! You're bindings broken... :

One of my favorites!
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