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Ski-Ups Snow suspenders- they work!

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I am big fan of suspenders for skiing. I like not having to pull up my pants and keeping my butt warm and free from snow when I fall. I was searching for a pair of suspenders that were comfortable and wouldn't damage the fabric on gore-tex ski pants.  I have tried several different brands but non are all that comfortable or are too harsh with metal claw clasps.  


I ran across Ski-ups and have been really happy with them. The straps are made from a soft material that has good elasticity; they hold well but will stretch as needed. Easy to adjust and the clasp is very unique. Although plastic, it hold pants very tightly without snagging or pulling the fabric.


for $20.00 plus shipping, you won't find a better pair. 




Slideshow of product.  



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I have those. 


The clasp has done well with every modern pant I have.    

It did not do well on my old-school Moonstone 3-Gore pants with the super-slick exterior, but, to be fair, neither has any other clamp-on suspender.     I had cloth patches stitched onto the waistband of those pants for this reason. 


Stretchiness is good without being too strongly elastic - don't overtighten, don't cinch down to get that "secure" feeling of regular dress suspenders  or they'll give you a GoreTex wedgie.


Strongly recommended for fleecy midlayer pants (Polartec Power Stretch type or Patagonia type) -  wear the suspenders under your shell pants. 

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so far good results on Patagonia 3 L gore tex Untracked Pants, Arc terxy Pro shell and Patagonia Snowshot pant single layer Gore tex. 


Some pant materials are too slick for anything really.   

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why not just buy bibs?  pants stay up and bonus keeps out snow and cold... Thumbs Up

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I have some half shell bibs which I like but I don't wear them unless it's deep. 

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Those look great.  I'm lucky to be married to a great seamstress, so when I buy new pants, I usually buy a pair of "soft grip" suspenders from the local Carhart store, and she sews them onto the back of the pants (where the hard pulling usually occurs), the the soft jaws hold well up front.


Bibs are too darn hot, especially when trying to prove to myself that I can still (maybe barely) make it down the Hobacks non-stop! Grin.

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