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ARe there *any* tele skiers here? or do they all go somewhere else to talk tele...

just wondering, I ski tele about half the time.

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There are a few of us here, but if you want to check out a really active tele board, check out the board at www.telemarktips.com
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Ridge is right on... telemarktips is probably one of the better forums. It would be great to have some more discussion here though.
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If you have tele comments or questions, post away -- three are some knowledgable people here.
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Hey AC .. got to do some pinning at your neck of the woods last week - some local friends took me up to the Kitchen Wall - made me depressed to come back east.

I was surprised by how few tele'ers I saw this year.
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I tele! But since coming out East not very much anymore, I miss it sometimes, and am always willing to chat about it.
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telemarkski.com is another good site for information, discussion, and classifieds.
Mt Spokane, Eh? I grew up in Newman Lake, learned to ski at Spokane, and Schweitzer.
Enjoyed the Mt. Biking at Spokane more than the skiing though.
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Llama, where'd you ski? Around here there are definitely tele-oriented resorts, and those with very few freeheelers. Let me know if you get back and we can meet up for some turns.
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AC- up at Squaw, plus two days at Heavenly. Unfortunately I won't be in the area again until next year - work only allows one week each year to enjoy some good snow and sun.

The funny part was that not only did I only see one tele'er at Heavenly - she was smoking cigarettes on the lift. I don't think I've seen that one before. Kind of an oxymoron. The worst part was she was really attractive, until she lit up.

Squaw had a couple more, but most of the tele'ers there this year were the people I was with. The only days I was there were weekdays, so the place was pretty empty.

Next year I'm hoping to get out to a couple more places, but it's tough to leave Squaw.
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Hi Tele er's. I tele almost half the time. I bring both Alpine and Tele when I go out West. I skied Taos and Crested Butte this season. Caught a dump at each place. Tele'd at least one day in fresh snow. It was a great feeling having my skis totally flex underneath the snow. Taos and C.B. are very active tele areas. Next year I plan to take a tele week of instruction out west. I doubt I'll return to those two next year. Any suggestions of where else would be a good choice for instruction. RG
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